5 Beds
5 Baths
6,500+ sqft

Behind the Build: The Modern Home Dream

Truly an Engineering Marvel

This modern dream home is truly an engineering marvel that features one-of-a-kind details from the sleek and inviting entryways, to the tranquil living spaces. This 6,500 SF house was built in 2020 and includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, as well as some special features custom designed by the homeowner which infuses international touches from his extensive travels. Dubbed an "uber contemporary", this property offers crisp lines with minimal moldings leaving absolutely no room for imperfections. Its modern and contemporary design make it a unique sight to behold and easily the most stylish home in the neighborhood!

Floating Staircase

The house demonstrates a stunning blend of contemporary and industrial looks, achieved with its carefully planned design. One of the most impressive elements is definitely the floating staircase, elegantly encompassing two open-ended flights supported by two stringers. The expert craftsmanship is also highlighted in the cable railing which runs throughout the interior and exterior of the house, adding sophistication with its seamless integration into the overall architectural look. This unique feature stands out from traditional railings, providing a modern alternative to complete this inspiring home.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood flooring adds a stylish, timeless look to any home, and this first floor is no exception. Its flush trim details expertly showcase the base molding, making for an elegant and streamlined design that perfects the overall theme. This combination of modern style and classic material creates a luxurious, visually pleasing atmosphere that will never go out of fashion. No matter how trends may change over time, you can be sure that wide plank hardwood flooring will always be an attractive centerpiece underpinning your home's design.

Climate Controlled Wine Room + Home Automation

Experience the ultimate in luxury with a climate controlled wine room located in the basement. Not only can you store your best bottles of vintage in the perfect environment, but thanks to its whole house automation system, how you access the wine room is also state-of-the-art. Instead of a box of switches, use the keypad to control scenes – a truly cool interactive feature that no other house can replicate. Take your living experience to a higher level with this elegant feature!

Automated German Windows

Standing before the house it is its architectural beauty that takes your breath away. Each window draws the eye as it rises to different heights and reveals itself from within an elegant, box-like façade. Topping it off are high end German windows which reach an impressive 10x10 feet in size. Accenting these features are a variety of design details that come together to present a contemporary masterpiece. From a close inspection you can appreciate the great thought put into making this remarkable home.

Gourmet Kitchen with a Hidden Pantry

The kitchen in this home is truly remarkable, perfect for celebrating important occasions. It features totally custom flat slab design and electronic touch latch cabinetry, giving it a contemporary look and feel. Not only that, but its hidden pantry adds a unique twist you won't find anywhere else! With five to seven feet of additional storage space behind what appears to be a normal cabinet door, the kitchen is able to offer more room than originally perceived. There are endless possibilities for how to make use of the extra pantry room and create something truly awesome.

Spa-Like Bathroom with a Fully Controlled Steam Room

Anyone looking for the quintessential spa experience need not travel any further than their own home: a spa-like bathroom can be easily achieved with dreamy Italian porcelain, fully controlled steam room technology, and sleek floating vanities. Of course, just because the space needs to be functional doesn't mean it needs to sacrifice sophistication. Fully frameless shower glass panels give any bathroom the option of achieving a clean and unobstructed view of luxury and relaxation - another showstopper featuring in this modern marvel. A spa-like bathroom should offer you not only comfort but a truly luxurious feel that mixes simplicity with style.

This unique home was designed and constructed with a keen eye for detail and craftsmanship that create a high-end, European feel throughout the house. Contemporary lines and finishes add to the refinement of this residence, creating an impressive visual impact. Every element works together to enhance the overall look and feel of this incredible home. Soft hues, carefully selected materials, natural light, and thoughtful attention to design create a modern atmosphere, making it a truly remarkable space. From all angles this has turned out to be an extraordinary home perfectly suited to its owners' needs and desires.


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Floating Staircase Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Climate Controlled Wine Room Wired for Smart Home Top of the Line German Window Package 10’x10’ Windows Throughout Gourmet Kitchen with Large Island Top of the Line Appliance Package Electronic, Touch Latch Custom Cabinetry Hidden Pantry Stately Master Suite Spa-Like Bathrooms Fully Controlled Steam Room Floating Vanities Resilient, Contemporary Design

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Behind the Build: The Modern Home Dream

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