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Preliminary Consultation

custom home builders Howard countyAs Custom Home Builders and Remodelers, our first priority is assuring a successful project.  This process begins before you are formally a client, with a comprehensive discovery consultation.  We discuss your project goals, assess feasibility and potential hurdles, review your design needs and help identify your architectural style.  We review our team approach to building your dream.  A quality project is only possible with the collaboration of the team.

Identifying Key Partners and Site

custom home builders marylandJPaul Builders | Custom Homes & Remodeling helps you explore building your dream home by identifying the key areas of discovery.  The first and most important step in the exploratory stage is finding a home site which meets your needs. Once the home site is chosen we help weed through the many house design options, whether choosing plans from the internet, plan books, working with draftsman or hiring an architect, we will guide you throughout the process.  Along with the plan process, it is important to include the use of the decorator or designer to incorporate your personal touch on the project.

Design Review and Bidding

biddingThe team at JPaul Builders | Custom Homes & Remodeling will work with you to review your house plans and identify potential areas of change to insure your vision can be executed.  We will look for areas of value engineering as well as identifying your design criteria.  All of this preparation will help for a smooth bidding process.  The more information we have upfront means the more accurate the bid will be.  Once all our bids have been received we prepare an in depth presentation to review your home and budget.  We focus heavily on this part of the building process, our happiest clients are the ones that stay in budget.

Luxury Home Builders Baltimore

Construction Documents

Baltimore Custom Home BuildersMoving forward on the project, we finalize plans for permitting.  We will execute a contract based on the final plans, assist you in securing financing and work with you and your designer to develop a selection schedule with realistic expectations.

Building your Home – A Team Approach

JPaul Custom Home Builders MarylandThe J Paul Builders team is the most important aspect to a successful project, and you are the most important part to that team.  Our high level of project management has been developed to make sure we build your home to exceed your expectations.  From foundation to trim, from framing to flooring, every step of the way our supervision is there to get it done right.  We carefully select all of our sub-contractors for your project, matching their skills with the requirements of your home.  All our superintendents have years of experience and are dedicated to your project.  Our management team stays involved in your project every step of the way.  We review selections, maintain schedules and do daily site visits.

Turning Over Your Keys

Luxury Home Builders BaltimoreUpon completion of your project we will do a walk through to correct any defects.  We will show you all the systems of the home and answer any questions you have.  But wait, it doesn’t stop there.  We will be there for you correcting any problems and scheduling any necessary repairs.  For over 23 years JPaul Builders | Custom Homes & Remodeling has been there for our clients, helping them whenever they call.